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Management Team


William L. Caynor

Bill joined Price Electric Cooperative in 2013, and has 30 years of history and experience in electric utilities, ranging back to his beginnings as an apprentice lineman in Virginia. Bill worked his way up the cooperative ladder, achieving journeyman, line superintendent and operations manager status and dedicating himself to pursuing a career path that would lead him to his current position as President and CEO. Along the way, Bill has spent time in diverse work environments, from Virginia, to Michigan, to Alaska and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Bill’s significant experience and depth of knowledge has led Price Electric Cooperative in a future-facing direction that embraces technology and the challenges that are inherent in keeping a small cooperative functioning. Bill is a veteran of the Regular Army and the Air Force Reserves.



Ben Orysen
Manager of Operations

Ben has been with Price Electric Cooperative since 1999, starting as an apprentice with experience in both investor-owned and cooperative electric utilities. Ben joined the Price Electric management team in 2014, with skills and experience in electrical distribution design and line maintenance and outage repairs, built over his years on the PEC crew. In his time with PEC, Ben has worked as an apprentice, a journeyman lineman, the line superintendent, and is currently the manager of operations. As manager of operations, he is responsible for everything operations-related, including the line crew, management of the five-year work plan, coordinating outage management, safety, and implementing new technology to optimize system management, to mention just a few. If you said, “Operations is the heart of an electrical cooperative,” then Ben is the life blood that keeps that heart beating.



Greg Bortz
Manager, Utility & Information Technology

Greg came to Price Electric Cooperative, with a background in information technology and management, in 2011. He was recently promoted from the Manager of Member Services to Manager of Utility & Information Technology. With the continual change and advancements in technology, compliance, and the energy industry, there was a noticeable need to have a person to ensure regulatory compliance, and to explore opportunities to minimize expenses, increase efficiencies, and provide more value or choices for our members. Greg’s background fit well with both information technology and project management and he was willing to accept the challenge. As a former business owner and manager, with experience in information technology, he has been invaluable in keeping Price Electric’s technological capabilities above standards, as well as being instrumental in the Cooperative’s evolution into a comprehensive and technology-focused environment.  



Loren Erickson
Manager of Finance

Loren is the newest member of Price Electric’s management team. After joining PEC in 2015 as an accountant, in 2016 Loren advanced to a new role as the manager of finance. Loren brought with him over 25 years of management experience and a vast understanding of accounting, inventory control, purchasing, and work order management from the manufacturing sector. As the manager of finance, Loren is responsible for analyzing and making recommendations for the management of the cooperative’s financial health as well as the capital credits program.




Theresa Raleigh
Manager of Member Services

Theresa came to Price Electric Cooperative, with a background in banking and supervision, in 2015. Her achievements thus far are exemplary as she has been recently promoted from Customer Service Supervisor to Manager of Member Services, but this is not her first promotion, but rather her second since deciding to take on the challenges associated with working for the membership. In this new role, she is responsible for the member services department, including billing, Federated Youth Foundation scholarships, member rebates, and public communication and relations. These duties and responsibilities fit well with Theresa’s skill sets and experience, and although new to the management team, we anticipate the continuation of great things from her in the near future.


Wendee Wagner
Human Resource Administrator

Wendee has been with Price Electric since 2015. She has experience in staffing, human resources, and education. As the executive assistant, she is responsible for scheduling, planning, board-related activities, and record-keeping. In the human resources administrative function, she is responsible for the oversight and management of employee benefits, new employee onboarding, and management training. Her interpersonal skills are a testament to a harmonious culture and thus she is the glue that keeps us bonded.


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