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Distributed Generation



Prior to Installation:

  1. A Distributed Generation Application Form for Price Electric must be approved by the Cooperative prior to installation.
  2. A Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement for Price Electric must be completed to the satisfaction of the Cooperative prior to installation.
  3. Prior to installation, Price Electric Cooperative and the member will work together to determine system load sizing for new services.  Maximum load for existing services will be based on past usage.  Total sizing of distributed generation will be based on Price Electric’s load sizing calculator.
  4. The system size is not to exceed the maximum load specified by the load sizing calculator.
  5. The member shall maintain liability insurance equal to or greater than $300,000.


General Information:

  1. The member must pay any/all costs associated with interconnection.
  2. All Distributed Generation installation shall be inspected and undergo commission tests including anti-islanding capabilities prior to interconnection approval.  Interconnection will not be allowed and net meter will not be installed if commission test fails.
  3. The Cooperative will install and maintain special metering equipment capable of measuring the flow of electricity at the same rate and ratio both into and out of the member’s facility.
  4. Accounts with dual fuel meters that are part of Price Electric’s Dual Fuel Load Management Program must be wired in parallel with the net meter and NOT in a sub-metered fashion.
  5. An additional electric meter will be installed on the property to record when the member is generating electric power. There will be a monthly facility charge for this additional meter.
  6. Net metering allows members to offset their energy usage with energy generated, kWh for kWh, throughout the month. Any excess generation will be paid to the member at the avoided cost in the form of a bill credit. If the member uses more energy than was generated, the member only pays for the kWh that exceeds his generation for that month’s billing period (all other charges such as facility charges, PCA, taxes, etc. still apply).
  7. The rates for sales and purchases of electricity may change over time due to Cooperative board approved rate adjustments, and sales and purchases shall be made under the rates in effect for the month that any such energy is sold or produced.
  8. The avoided cost is based on Dairyland Power Cooperative’s current avoided cost rate and is published annually in Price Electric Cooperative’s Schedule R-1 rate tariff.  Please contact Price Electric to obtain a copy of the tariff.
  9. Each party to the Distributed Generation Interconnect Agreement shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the other party, its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, suits, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses resulting from the installation, operation, modification, maintenance or removal of the distributed generation facility. The liability of each party shall be limited to direct actual damages, and all other damages at law or in equity shall be waived.
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