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Capital Credits

Capital Credits are your ownership of this non-profit, member-owned cooperative.

Capital Credits are created when the cooperative has earnings, income minus expenses. At the end of each year these earnings are spread proportionately to all active cooperative members according to the amount of money each member spent at Price Electric Cooperative that year.

Capital Credits accumulate in an account in your name. Your capital credits are paid to you each year; The amount paid is determined by the Price Electric Cooperative Board of Directors according to the cooperative's financial condition.

In 2016, Price Electric retired capital credits of approximately $350,218 to members active in 1988, a portion of capital credit patronage balance of those active in 1989, and inactive accounts with a capital credit balance of less than $25 were paid in full.

There are many other members for whom Price Electric did not have current address information and therefore could not issue a check. Price Electric would appreciate your help in locating these members.





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